What is Converged Digital Marketing?

Thanks in large part to the proliferation of internet and mobile technologies, the days of successful linear marketing are over. The days when small businesses can rely on only one or a few mediums such as a phone book ads, newspapers, TV, or websites to grow your business have now been replaced by thousands of new and different choices and options that work far better synergistically (converged) then apart in silos. 

Converged Digital Marketing is the orchestration of integrated modern technology, design, and marketing techniques throughout multiple media channels producing consistent, clear, and optimal results and a higher Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI). Examples of convergence include: TV and internet synergies to better target customers, increase conversions, and increase online authority and visibility. Highly-targeted advertising based on customer behaviors and actions such as their buying habits, browsing habits, connections, TV viewing, and interests. And much more. 


The problem for most small businesses today is that most “traditional” marketing providers still operate in their own product-centric silos and lack the converged strategies and know-how to help you achieve your marketing and business objectives. Additionally, most small businesses also lack the people and resources needed to not only keep up with all of the emerging marketing mediums and best practices but to be able to successfully execute on them as well. 


http://www.convergeddigitalmarketing.com/p/4-key-elements-to-digital-marketing.htmlConverged Digital Media does not operate as a vendor but rather as a trusted advisor for our clients. We fill the marketing strategy gap needed by small businesses so they can confidently make marketing and advertising decisions based on their own interests and not those of their vendors. Our team of award-winning industry experts works with each individual client to maximize their Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI) and help them better support and achieve their individual business objectives.