Our Services

Converged Digital Media operates as a trusted advisor for our clients. We fill the marketing strategy gap needed by small businesses and professionals so they can confidently make marketing and advertising decisions based on their own unique interests and objectives. Our team of award-winning industry experts works with each client to maximize their Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI) and help them better support and achieve their individual business and marketing goals.

Our typical services are broken down into the following five steps


Each customer engagement begins with a thorough customer goals analysis and defined strategy. This initial strategy will serve as the starting point moving forward.


Once a strategy has been defined, resources are then procured, arranged, and/or reallocated based on the needs of each customer. This can include vendor/s selection and negotiation, procurement and media buys / production, etc.


Once the necessary resources are put in place, your marketing program will begin and the various mediums will be coordinated to produce maximum results.


Once a program is underway, we will continue to actively monitor its performance and results based on your unique goals and defined objectives.


Once measurements are made, we will continue to make refinements to each strategy based on channel performance and results with the goal of maximizing overall Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI).

Industry verticals include: